HAMILTON: It’s the dark horse

Suburb Profile – Hamilton

I didn’t know this until I started doing some digging for this article but there are many misconceptions about Hamilton.

People think that’s it’s just this weird place on the fringe of the actual city. To so many people (apparently), Hamilton is the place Mufasa points to with a grave warning attached.

But I promise, it’s really not like that at all, and here are 5 reasons why Hamilton is pretty darn great.


There is not one but two bookshops on Beaumont Street. TWO people. Maclean’s is one of the best independent bookstores rocking around, and stock a tidy collection of new books and red hot favourites. They also have an amazing selection of kids books and some really great staff who are there to help and recommend your next great read. There’s also Qs which is basically Newcastle Legend. If you’re after the Kween B of second hand bookshops in Newcastle, look no further. Sandra and her team live and breathe books, and this way, you can too.

Hudson Street Hum

Creative community anyone? The tagline for Hudson Street Hum is “Workshops for everyone” and that pretty much sums things up but… If you’re looking to a) learn a new skill and b) make some new friends then Hamilton is the PLACE TO BE! They have everything from life drawing to sewing to making your own lampshades. For real. It’s an awesome space and a space you wanna be a part of!


How could we write about Hamilton and not include burritos? You’ve got two hot hits right on the main street there ready and waiting for you to get your Mexican fix. Personally I prefer Zambrero but that’s my personal taste. Lucky you can make you’re own choice since they are just doors down from one another.


From Lords to Suspension, Hamilton is becoming quite the place for cawfee. Now with Jack’s hideout added into the mix you can’t go wrong heading to Beaumont Street for your caffeination fix. Also, each of these hot spots boasts a tidy collection of snacks too, so it’s a win on all fronts.

It’s the dark horse

Basically, Hamilton is the dark horse suburb. Whilst everyone else was getting their knickers in a twist (yep you read that right) about the centre of town, Hamilton was just chugging away doing its thing. Being quirky and eclectic and maintaining all the things us Novocastrians love about Newcastle. A touch of the old charm as they say. Why not head there this weekend and check it out?

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.