GOOD FEEDBACK: How to do your bit to help reduce food waste

With the world the way it is at the moment, the majority of us are looking for ways to do our bit to help the planet.

Whether it’s taking your keep cup, or cutting out plastic, or simply trying to be a little bit more conscious, every little bit helps. A common goal for so many of us this year, is to reduce the amount of our food waste that is destined for landfill.

Sure, so many of us live in small apartments and shared spaces, so it can be a little hard to manage on our own. In pops Feedback Organic Recovery – an awesomely local organisation aimed squarely at reducing good waste across the Hunter!

1. So what is Feedback Organic?

Feedback Organic Recovery is a way for all of us, regardless of our personal circumstances, to manage our food waste.

It collects food waste from local cafes and residential hubs and converts it into compost but it’s also about creating a community-based approach to the resources we use every single day.


2. How do I get involved

Jump on the website first and foremost and read about all the great work these guys are doing in terms of turning our everyday food waste into something a little bit magic. 

3. Find a bin near you

Short on space, you say? Never fear, the Feedback team (and your community) are here to help. Take a look at the map and see the community food hub that’s closest to you!

Then it’s only a matter of dropping your food waste off when it’s convenient for you and your little crew. 

4. What happens to the food waste?

The food waste that’s collected basically gets turned into fuel for organic urban farms, also run by Feedback Organic Recovery.

They also run kids programs and something called ‘1-hour farmer’ which enables you to do your bit and get a little hands-on or hands dirty as they say in the business.

5. Why can’t I just throw out my food waste and be done with it?

Because, it’s 2020, and there is no time for apathy anymore. Get your shit together and realise that a lot of this super enviro business isn’t just for ‘lefty greenies and dirty hippies’.

It’s for all of us, every single one of us who cares about the place in which we live. 

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