GOLDEN CAKETIME: Gaytime desserts you can make at home

This weekend’s lockdown just got a little bit sweeter. Golden Gaytime has collaborated with Green’s Baking and they’ve released four brand new bake-at-home kits.

And all we can say is… Together at last!

Each kit is designed, like all Green’s products, to be easy and quick to make at home with all the important ingredients in the box.

The first one we’ll be taking a stab at is a thing they’re calling a Brookie. It’s kind of like a cross between a brownie and a cookie and we’re all about it.

Other boxes of delicious available in the collaborative bake-at-home release include a brownie with that toffee vanilla flavour we all love in a Gaytime, a “crumb cake” complete with those soft biscuit crumbs on the outside of a Gaytime and a decadent Golden Gaytime mousse dessert.


The range of products is now available in selected supermarkets, with boxes costing $6 each. And we reckon it will be the best six bucks you’ll spend in lockdown!