Glenn Watson asks, How’s The Weather There?

Local muso Glenn Watson has released his EP How’s The Weather There?

Last week, local muso Glenn Watson released his EP How’s The Weather There? We caught up for a chat.

NL: Your debut solo EP ‘How’s the Weather There?’ Has been a long time in the making. Why now?

I was the lead singer and guitarist in Newcastle alternative band, The Scansion. We formed in 1999 during University and played live and recorded on and off from there… we have always remained really close friends and like ‘The Police’, we never officially broke up. I have always wanted to release a record of my own songs, and I finally made the time to achieve this feat. I pride myself on writing lyrics, as well as the music, of course… everything is in the name of art!…

NL: How did you come to work with producer, Michael Carpenter, at Love Hz Studios? And what do you think he brought to what we hear on the release?

Admittedly, this EP has been a while ‘in the making’, or more to the point, ‘deciding to make’. My friend Mark Moldre (ex-Hitchcock’s Regret) advised me to wait until I was truly satisfied with my chosen tracks and then suggested that I work with Sydney Producer, Michael Carpenter, at Love HZ Studios. I am truly grateful for Mark’s advice and also for the opportunity I had in working with MC; a consummate musician himself, he really did assist me in bringing my vision to life.

NL: Tell us about the artwork for the release…

The artwork? Well, that is a doodle I used to draw when I was a teenager. There’s something about spirals in my life, I guess. It also has a nod to The Wizard of Oz re: the tornado and the house. I used it on the EP front cover mostly as I feel music is a conduit to take an audience to another world. It also has a cartoon-esque feel to it which shows a lighter side to the record. I chose the font which seemed to suit the mood I was going for and MC worked on the other artwork. A shout out to Danni Nix who took photos of yours truly if you come to a gig and purchase a physical CD.

NL: You’re heavily influenced by music from America’s south. Why, and how does that play out in your own music?

I am heavily influenced by bands from America’s south…and there is no shame there, whatsoever. Anyone who truly know me accepts that R.E.M. remains one of my favourite bands, as are Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (incidentally, the latter was a mutual bond I shared with MC). I also love the Black Crowes and Matthew Sweet. With the first two bands I am acutely aware that it is the Rickenbacker influence: Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Tom Petty and Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) which caught my ear as a young kid. Incidentally, when my partner and I were in San Francisco this year, I bought a Rickenbacker 360 (inspired by one of Peter Buck’s) and it appears on two tracks on the EP, notably my solos on ‘Something You Are Not’.

NL: Where can we see you play some of these songs live?

I am playing an acoustic warm-up gig at Sounds On West at Umina on November 17 from 7:30 – 9:30pm… but check my FB page for an official EP Launch. However, if you are impatient, the EP “How’s The Weather There?’ is currently out on and will be released on i-tunes, Spotify and other affiliated music sites very soon.

You can grab Glenn’s EP here

Visit his Facebook page here –

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