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SURVEY SAYS: We are keen to head back to gigs, especially in small venues

On the whole, gig and event-goers are keen to get back out amongst it just as they did before the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s the finding from an Audience Outlook Monitor survey of over 23,000 Australians.

The report, released yesterday, reveals that 22% of the over 23,000 people surveyed are ready to attend gigs and events as soon as restrictions are lifted. However, 67% say they will only attend once they deem the risk of catching coronavirus to be minimal and 11% won’t be back until there is no risk at all.

People who took the survey by and large say that they will make choices whether to attend an event or not or not based on things like the type of event and expected crowd sizes. The report also revealed that people who frequently attended events before the pandemic are more likely to be back inside venues and at events sooner than others.

And it seems that smaller venues will be the likely winners here. Those surveyed say that they would be comfortable attending an event at a venue with a capacity of 50 people or less if the venue followed hygiene and social distancing guidelines.

The majority of people surveyed also say they have gone online to get their arts and culture fix since restrictions were imposed. Live-streams, virtual classes and tutorials are the most attended online events snd one in three have even paid for a digital arts and culture experience whilst self-isolating.

At this point, the most common form of payment has been via donation, with smaller proportions paying for a single online pay-per-view event or purchasing an ongoing subscription for an arts platform. 28% of respondents also indicated that participating in online events allowed them to discover new artists, performances and artistic works.

The Audience Outlook Monitor says that they will again survey people in July and September, to see how audience sentiment changes.

Click here to find out more about the report and view the results in full.

Written by Newcastle Live

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