GETTING SOCIAL: Five things to do with ten people or less

This is not a drill. As you are no doubt aware, as of Friday 15 May, some of the lockdown restrictions that have had us feeling like we are living in an Orwellian dystopia will be lifted.

Some of the things that will be allowed from tomorrow include outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people, hosting up to five people at your house and cafe’s and restaurants seating up to ten patrons at a time.

Happy days!

Given that we have been in our own little isolated bubbles for what seems like forever, here are five suggestions for things you can do with ten people or less.

Just remember that if you do plan to take advantage of the lifting of restrictions, please do so responsibly!

Have a jam

If you are musically inclined, why not “get the band back together” to make beautiful music together again? If your neighbours are down, of course, now is a great time to plug in, tune up and rock out on all of those new songs you’ve been working on during lockdown.

Rock, indie and punks bands and barbershop quartets should be fine but with no more than five allowed at your house at any one time, ska and funk bands may have to wait a little longer.

Street cricket

Sport is definitely one thing noticeably absent from out lives of late so the chance to roll out the Sulo (or the plastic stumps for the aficionados) and rip through a couple of informal overs is like mana from the sporting Gods.

Just remember to keep it ten people or under and to use a tennis ball because windows cost money.

Fire up the barbie

Nothing says socialising like burning some snags, gargantuan bowls of potato salad and “blowing the froth off a couple” with some mates.

Yep the humble Aussie barbie.

It’s the perfect chance to impress your friends with all of those fancy recipes you’ve learned from YouTube as well as catching everyone up on all the wonderful things you’ve been up to during lockdown!

Lounge room dance party

So you’ve been dancing like no-one is watching after a few chardies every Friday night for a while now.

So why not put all that solo hot-stepping to good use and host your very own dance party with five-like minded souls.

Pop a few bottles, dim those lights and crank up that playlist because nobody puts baby in a corner.

Paper plane tournament at King Edward Park

Given that air travel is off the cards for the foreseeable future, why not indulge in the next best thing? The childlike joy of watching a perfectly constructed paper plane going up diddly up up and down diddly down down.

Even better, why not make a competition of it and gather nine of your aeronautically-minded mates for a bit of a round-robin comp for paper plane construction bragging rights.

Oh and picturesque King Edward Park is the perfect location for such high-flying shenanigans.

Written by Newcastle Live

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