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Getting passionate about waste and your new bin…

It literally takes no time at all to sort out your waste at home

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m pretty passionate about waste. Ok, that sentence sounds weird and makes me look like I sit around in my own filth all day (it’s actually just Tuesdays) but I hope my sentiment comes across ok. By waste I mean I’m passionate about the amount of food and household waste I produce and more importantly where it all goes. I kind of thought everyone was in this boat until I saw someone throw a plastic bag full of nappies into their neighbours green bin.

As most readers may know, Lake Macquarie council do things a little differently in terms of their bin collection. And for good reason. Most residents in the catchment area have received their free food scraps bin. It’s cute and delightful and very functional and did I mention composting is also good for the environment? Anyway, with the introduction of the food waste bin, the red run of the mill (going straight to Hell aka landfill) bin is now only collected once a fortnight. Queue shock horror.

But is this really an issue? Is it really that inconvenient to do your bit to make sure the sun isn’t cooking the earth and burning up the atmosphere (scientists in the room help me out here) and turning us all into crispy skeletons before 2050? Yeah, that’s right. It’s not just our children’s children that will be copping the wrath of global warming as a result of our negligence, it darn well could be us.

It literally takes no time at all to sort out your waste at home. It also takes no time at all to at least try and put yourself into a positive mindset about your footprint. Do you really need that straw? Do you really need to order Uber eats 1000 times a week? Hey did you know that this, and this, and these things are all recyclable?

Surely we all remember the whole reduce, reuse, recycle bizness from primary school but did you know that they are two other points to remember.

1. Refuse

Say no to plastic straws, saw no to single-use plastics, say no to things you can do easily too without to do your bit for the planet.

2. Rot

That’s where your food waste (and your green waste) bins come into play. Composting is good y’all, and you should be so happy that your green bin is being emptied twice a week and your red one is all neglected and sad. No one likes landfill.

So don’t be that guy and complain about something for the sake of complaining. And do the right thing. Also, don’t put nappies in your neighbours green bin. Because you’re not hurting them, you’re hurting the environment, and what did it ever do to you?

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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