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Getting back to school… Again!

Sure this whole learning from home thing has had its issues, but now we as parents are being faced with a set of new challenges getting our families back to school.

There’s no doubt that new routines have been locked in, but very soon things are going to get back to “normal”.

Now is a great time to turn our attention to planning for the return to school. Here are five things we think you can do to help the transition go smoothly.

Uniforms and shoes

Our children have grown! So it’s time to bust out the uniforms and school shoes to make sure they still fit and give yourself enough time to shop for replacements if they’re needed.


That sandwich your kid left in their lunch box on the last day of school in June has probably grown its own ecosystem by now. It’s time to get them nice and fresh and start planning what you’re gonna pack!

Morning Routines

Start planning to give yourself more time than you usually would to get everyone to school on the first morning back. And if we’re being honest – The first few weeks. Maybe writing down a timetable will help.


A lot of children are freaking out about the return. So starting to talk to your little people about the transition is important. Let them know that school staff are looking forward to seeing them and if they feel nervous or worried, help them understand this is a normal reaction, and that you and their teachers are there to support them.

Get informed

Check out the school website, Facebook page and newsletters to learn about new procedures that may have been introduced such as changes to parent access, canteen, drop off and pick up points.

For more information about the return to school and how you can get prepared visit