How to GET BACK home after the Paul McCartney show

If you’re worried about getting home from tonight’s Paul McCartney show in Newcastle, you’re not alone.

With more than 20,000 fans expected to hit McDonald Jones Stadium for the epic, one night only, event it’s fair to say it’s that getting home will need to be a well-coordinated affair.

To handle all the people there are planned road closures, pick-up points and public transport options at the ready. And we’ve got all the info you need (and links to more info) below.


There will be NO PARKING available at McDonald Jones Stadium for the gig and the roads are gonna be jammed, and Turton Road will be temporarily closed when the show finishes If you need to be picked up after the show there’s a drop-off/pickup point at Brown Road, which is near the Newcastle Entertainment Centre. You can either walk there after the show or get on one of the shuttle buses from the stadium. More on buses below.


The closest train station to McDonald Jones Stadium is Broadmeadow, which is sweet for everyone who lives near a station on the Central Coast & Newcastle Line or those keen to head into town. It’s only a short walk from the stadium but please, for the love of god, refrain from singing DJ Otzi’s Hey Baby on the way (how and why did that even start?). There are also additional trams running until midnight.


You can find the closest taxi stand to the stadium on Young Road in Broadmeadow, accessible via Womboin Road under controlled traffic conditions. But we’d leave this as a last resort if you miss the train or bus. There are only so many to go around and it’s going to be hard enough getting through that part of town when the show finishes. And if you wanna grab an Uber we’d suggest walking a far distance from the stadium to get a clear pickup point for the drive.


Complimentary bus services are running on six routes to and from the stadium and venue. They’ll make stops at selected locations along the way too. After the show ends, the return services will operate for around one hour only – so don’t dilly-daddle. Hit the link below to see a list of the shuttles and where they all go to.