GALLERY: Jet live at Bar on the Hill

It’s easy to forget the impact Aussie band Jet had on the world, but their show at the Bar on the Hill on Saturday night was a pretty good reminder.

The sold-out show, part of the band’s extended Get Born 20 Year Anniversary Tour, proved once again why the band rose to international success so quickly back in the early 2000s.

Before heading into the show we weren’t sure how the support act, Melbourne alt-country outfit Eils & The Drip, were going to go down with the early crowd waiting for the mighty Jet to take to the stage. But we were absolutely blown away by their performance.

Eileen Hodgkins, who fronts this group, has some serious kick-arse energy and the whole set just seemed to build and build taking the now-packed room on one hell of a ride. Don’t miss them next time they come to town.

After Eileen and the gang left the stage, you could feel a real buzz lifting in the room.

Seeing any band work their way through their seminal album is a real treat for fans especially one that had such an impact on what came after it.

But that’s not how Jet started their set at Bar on the Hill… We’d have to wait for that.

The band kicked off with the lead single of their second studio album, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

Jet then kicks into two singles from their third long player, She’s a Genius and Black Hearts (On Fire) before the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the pulsating groove of Get Born opener Last Chance.

What came next was a master class of performance with the band working their way through an album that was as exciting to hear now as it was back in the day.

Highlights included Rollover D.J., an amazing performance of Move On, and Cold Hard Bitch.

The band then treated their local fans to an encore of Shine On, Hurry Hurry, Seventeen and a blistering closer Rip It Up.

If you came to the show with the question, “Have Jet still got it?” The answer is a resounding yes.