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FRIZZANTE SPRITZ: A cheeky Christmas cocktail from Tatler

The history at Tatler Wines, in Lovedale, encompasses generations of knowledge and passion for the craft of winemaking.

But on a recent visit, we found out they also know a thing or two about mixing up a few cheeky cocktails.

After checking out the newly renovated cellar door our host, Tanya, took us through the winery’s amazing range of bubbles, whites, reds and sweets and gave us a few tips on how we could be drinking them over the summer holidays.

THE TASTING: A fresh new look for the cellar door

Tatler is a family-owned winery. The aim since opening its doors in Hunter Valley has been to cultivate quality wine that captures the spirit of Lovedale.

They produce their wine on-site with a hands-on approach. Their wine is made to bring people together and mark the occasion, whatever that may be, with a memorable accompaniment.

During the lockdown, the family decided to use the downtime to reinvigorate their cellar door. The old wooden bar is gone and has been replaced with a stylish white-topped new setup complete with a couple of local beer taps.

The whole space has been given a fresh facelift ready for summer, and it’s raw, warm and lets the beautiful ground sing through its huge windows.

As we made our way through the tasting Tanya give us all the #protips on how and when to bring out the bottles we were trying, and then she gave us the recipe for her cheeky Christmas Frizzante Spritz.

And the best part is, she said we could share it with you.

THE RECIPE: Christmas Frizzante Spritz

So this is the moment you’ve been waiting for… The ultimate Christmas cocktail for a hot Australian summer. And it’s all based around Lovedale long lunch favourite, the TatlerFrizzante.

STEP 1: Place a sprig of Rosemary to a tall glass

STEP 2: Add a cheeky splash of gin and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the natural oils from the rosemary to infuse with the gin.

STEP 3: After a few minutes add some ice, a thin slice of lemon and top it all up with Tatler’s Frizzante.

Tatler Wines

Address: 477 Lovedale Rd, Lovedale NSW 2325
Phone: (02) 4930 9139