Frozen creator to speak at Newcastle Uni

Chris Buck the creator of the animated movie Frozen will visit the University Of Newcastle in April to share the secrets of innovative creativity with staff and students. 

The event to be live-streamed online,  is exclusive for our local campus and a part of their effort to restructure the entire creative industry locally.

Watching Disney’s Pinoccio as a child, Buck was inspired to explore animation.  In 1978 Buck joined Disney as a character animator. Working on classics such as Tarzan and Pocohontas, Buck’s work stretched from animator, to screenwriter to director.

In 2008 Buck returned to Disney after a stint at Sony, and as part of his pitch, Buck suggested an animated musical feature based on The Snow Queen. And thus Frozen was born.

With the news that Frozen 2 is set for release in 2018, Buck’s Newcastle talk will be hotly anticipated.