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FLY AWAY: Jump on the battle bus for the Fortnite x Tones and I collab

Dust off your best party skin because Tones And I will be performing songs from her debut studio album, Welcome to the Madhouse, as part of the Fortnite Soundwave Series this weekend.

The Soundwave Series, which kicked off back in October 2021, is an in-game series of gigs that take place in their own interactive space and can be experienced with other players of the game in real-time.

To catch the gig, players can enter the SOUNDWAVE SERIES: TONES AND I tile on the game’s home screen or input the Island code 5462-3620-7544.

The Tones And I Fortnite show is the second in the Soundwave series and won’t be the last.

Over the coming months, Brazilian rapper Emicida, Japanese pop artist and music producer Gen Hoshino, and record-breaking French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura will also have their own shows to experience in Fortnite.

There’s also someTones lootup for grabs!

You’ll get aTones spray just for turning up and Cloudy Day will also have its own Fortnight Lobby Track in the Fortnite Item Shop.

There’s even an Emote available based on the record-breaking single Dance Monkey from her The Kids Are Coming EP.

The Tones And I Madhouse Fortnite’s experience kicks off on Saturday, January 22 at 10 am AEDT for Australian viewers and will repeat non-stop for 72 hours. Visit to find out more.