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Fortnite Season 8 has arrived and it’s all about the cubes!

Fortnite Season 8 Cubed has arrived!

The new season has brought with it a new roster of characters, the monster-filled “Sideways” dimension, and the return of the beloved “Kevin” the cube. But it would seem that every “bots” favourite drop, Coral Castle is here to stay.

After the explosive ending to Season 7 and the destruction of the Alien Mothership, The cube, first seen in Chapter one, season 5, and affectionately named “Kevin” by players, has returned and brought some friends.

Spreading corruption and portals to the monster-filled “Sideways” players can enter these portals to fight off hoards of monsters to earn the new sideways weapons such as the Sideways Rifle and Minigun.

The Season 8 Battle Pass as usual has a host of new characters, including Toona Fish, a black and white walking fish, you can customise and paint to make your own, following on from Season 7 ‘s customisable Kymera. The licenced character for this season is Marvel’s Carnage, be ready to sink some hours in, as he won’t unlock until level 100.

On my first drop, I was a little disappointed, as we only have 4 new places to explore and after seeing the map rain down with explosives yesterday, I was hoping for a complete overhaul. I was even more disappointed to see my least favourite location Coral Castle is untouched, and still has nothing there worth making the trip for.

Another big change this season is the quests, now changing XP for gold bars. The only way to receive XP for quests is by filling out a Daily & weekly “punch card” and forcing you to visit NPC’s on the island to unlock the quest lines. I am unsure how this will affect my levelling speed through this season, but hopefully, it keeps me stocked up on Gold bars to buy some of the returned exotic weapons, like the Dragon Breath Sniper.

As we normally see throughout a Fortnite season expect plenty more changes to come over the coming months, hopefully bringing some new map changes, and the death of Coral Castle, but until then… I’ll see you on the island.

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