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CATCH YOU ON THE FLIPSIDE: Fortnite Chapter three first impressions

With the map completely refreshed, a new roster of guns, and added game mechanics the latest chapter of Fortnite has got new and old players flipping out!

Sunday’s live event saw the dramatic end of Chapter two. In a last-ditch effort to save the island from the Cube Queen, “The Foundation” (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) works alongside Jonsey to flip the island, dunking her into the ocean, and revealing a completely new map.

The island is full of new locations, and a couple of nostalgic returns. And the thrill of exploring a completely unknown area is a blissful experience.

New locations such as the Spiderman-inspired “Daily Bugle” are filled with webs to bounce and traverse the area, and the tunnels below the returning Shifty Shafts are filled with memories of matches from four years earlier.

A roster of new guns has arrived too, with a new favourite being the MK-Seven Assault rifle.

This rifle not only has a great fire rate but looking down the site reveals a first-person red dot sight, making those headshots a lot easier to pull off, for both you and your enemies.

A new tent item has been revealed, giving you the ability to store guns and items only to return later in the match, or even future matches! It’s an interesting mechanic and one that many are excited to see develop throughout the season.

Finally, we have to mention the new sliding mechanic. This new way to traverse the island not only makes you look and feel like a complete badass but offers a short boost of speed that can make the difference in an intense shootout. This is by far one of the best additions to the chapter.

The list of added items continues with the Quadcrasher vehicle, Vaults and Spiderman skin.

With all of this content, it’s not surprising to see the influx of returning players, which has been causing server issues throughout the week. To Epic Games credit though, they are keeping up with the demand, and we have only had one issue trying to find a match all week.

As with every chapter, there will be plenty of tweaks and changes to come throughout, but as it stands today Chapter 3 “Flipped” is a much-needed change and a giant step forward for Fortnite fans.

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