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FO SHIZZLE: Milky Lane delivers the goods on first day in Newcastle

After our interest was well and truly piqued, last week at the sneak peek of the highly anticipated burger bar Milky Lane, we just had to go back on Wednesday for the official grand opening.

And it seems that this concept that was born in Bondi is perfect for Newcastle burger fanciers as the place was fit to burst as we darkened its doors just after opening.

In fact, we were concerned that we would be left out in the cold with much of the restaurant already booked out, however, the helpful and whip-smart staff sorted us out with a table sharpish.

We found there to be quite the nightclub vibe here when we visited after dark but in the cold light of day it is a much more subdued affair albeit with a strong hip-hop vibe thanks to the wonderful murals and DJ pumping out the bangers for the burger lunch crowd.

But it was the burgers that we came for and boy howdy did we get burgers! While some of the creations on the menu look as though you might have to dislocate your jaw just to fit it in your mouth, my burger buddy and I opted for more subtle, yet no less delicious fare.

This reviewer opted for the standard Milky Lane burger – a morish meeting of perfectly cooked Wagu beef, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, special Milky Lane sauce and ketchup.

This was a classic recipe done right. The proportions perfect. The balance of flavours on point. The only criticism I could find about this burger was that I eventually finished it.

My burger buddy went for the Fried Chicken Weezy – Southern Fried Chicken, Double American Cheese, Diced Onions, Pickles, Homestyle Mayo, American Mustard, ML Ketchup & ML Cheese Gravy served between a milk bun.

He declared that the whole affair was a ‘flavour bomb’ not just the well-cooked chicken.

A side of fries with Milky Lane sauce capped off the lunch nicely and while we definitely ate our fill, a food coma was a little way off.

So, if you like your burgers big juicy and full of flavour, but with a side of hip-hop and nightclub fare, Milky Lane should definitely be on your to try list.

But remember to book!

Milky Lane is located at 13-15 Darby Street, Newcastle.

Written by Newcastle Live

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