FLIP OUT: New skate comp gives kids a chance to Shred!

If you reckon your varial heelflip or 360 nollie are the slickest ever attempted, now you’ve got a chance to prove it.

That’s because a brand spanking new skate competition is kick-flipping off in Maitland later this month.

The first of four Maitland Shred comps will get underway on Saturday 25 April at the Harold Gregson Skate Park in High Street, capping off National Youth Week.

The event will include four categories – skateboard, scooter, and bike in Under 12s, Under 18s and Under 24s as well as open age rollerskating/skateboarding group.

And aside from bragging rights, prizes will also be awarded for best trick, biggest air, and longest grind or manual.

“Events like Maitland Shred are  important to young people and help them be more physically active and feel better connected to their  community,” Maitland Council’s recreation and community planning coordinator Emily Livens said.

“Through consultation sessions, young people have been involved in developing this competition to help cater the event to suit their needs. We encourage all interested individuals to register and get involved in the  upcoming event dates.”

Metford, Rutherford and Lawes Street skate parks are all scheduled to host competition dates later in the year. 

Maitland Shred is on at the Harold Gregson Skate Park (174 High Street) on Saturday 25 April. Registration for the event is free, with gates opening at 9.30am for a 10am start, and finishing up at 4pm.  

Head here for more information.