Five reasons why you should still be buying CDs

I know what you’re thinking, a CD? You’re kidding me right? Those things have been obsolete for a decade now. Ok fine maybe not a decade but still they aren’t something we exactly use every day nor are they something we regularly purchase. It’s just not how we get our music any more, right? We no longer go to our local music shop and pick up a pile of CDs anymore… or do we/will we once more? Vinyl came back into fashion, right? So why not the CD? Here are the top five reasons to go out and purchase a CD.

Exclusive Tracks

You might not think it’s a thing but it’s definitely a thing. And it’s not just an ’80s thing either. When Gang of Youths first released their debut album, for example, a second CD contained four tracks that you really can’t find anywhere. Lover In My Lungs is perhaps my favourite Gang of Youths song and why? Because I bought the CD.


There’s something really purposeful about going and buying a CD. You stroll the aisles, talk to the person who is selling you said CD, someone who still cares about CDs and is probably super knowledgeable about music in general, you have an interaction, an experience ya know?

Tangible objects

As the Smith Street Band says sometimes all you need is something you can hold in your hand. It’s something to collect, to hold, to own, and love.

You’re supporting the music industry

Although there has been a bit of a trend emerging in terms of bands releasing digitally exclusive content, it doesn’t really look like that CDs will be disappearing any time in the next year or two. Which means, there’s money being poured in to make the product, why not do your bit in support?

Because you’re trying to be hip

Admit it. You’re always looking for something weird to do to impress your friends in some strange way, why not make it this? It was tapes for a while but cassette players are expensive and hard to come by, and tapes also break quite frequently (and can’t be digitised easily which yes may counteract the point but so what?). Why not make CDs a thing again?

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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