Five reasons to check out the Handmade Markets this weekend

Newcastle’s newest and coolest market on the scene is set to rock the Station again this Saturday from 9:00am and now is your chance to jump on the bandwagon, even if it is just to say you were there from the start. Here are our top five reasons to get your #handmade #eco on at Homegrown‘s Handmade Market. 

1. Handmade is the best kind of made

There’s nothing like supporting local makers and shakers doing local things and thanks to the wonderful curators of the Homegrown markets you can find so many wonderful locals all in one place. Everyone loves unique and hip things for their home, why not scratch the Kmart picture of wheat blowing in the breeze and go for something a little bit special. 

2. Eco forever

If you haven’t heard, the environment kind of needs our help, which is exactly why the awesome humans behind homegrown remain committed to keeping an eco focus at the heart of everything they do. Mug Station? Check. No plastic? Also, check. Food waste disposal services (thanks to feedback organic) check. Stallholders who only stock eco products? Also, check. #winning

3. Storytime and Craft 

Regular station residents Secret Book Stuff and Makespace are kicking it for the kids at every homegrown market! From 11:00am there is kids storytime inside the bookshop followed by kids craft straight afterwards.

It’s a parent’s dream come true! Rumours are the book is The Wonky Donkey this month! There are several regular retail outlets on the platform as well, why not use the markets as an excuse to come and say hi! 

4. Yoga 

Want to start your Saturday morning off right? Why not head to the pop-up yoga happening at Peaceful Minds Project. Clear mind, light heart, amazing flipping Saturday if you ask me! 

5. Market snacks 

Because everyone knows that the best part about going to the markets are the market snacks. Duh. Why make soggy toast at home when someone else can make you coffee and breakfast (and lunch, and a snack for the way home, and…).

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.