Five Pokémon Go Hotspots In Newcastle

The latest installment of the video game behemoth that is Pokémon was unleashed into the world last week. Pokémon Go is a free app on your phone that allows users to take their phones outside and into the real world to become a Pokémon master. Using the GPS on your phone, you can now finally walk the streets of Newcastle and find Pokémon to capture.

The game has taken over the lives of many wannabe Pokémon Masters this week. If your Facebook feed hasn’t been completely overtaken with screenshots, you may have noticed a spike in people walking around town staring down at their phone. Pokémon Go places Pokéstops on Newcastle landmarks, which allows players to receive gifts to help them in the game. We here at Newcastle Live have gone a little Pokécrazy, and we are letting you know about five hotspots around Newcastle to help boost your team.


Beaumont Street

When Pokémon Go was released, it didn’t come with a manual or instructions, leaving the users around Australia to work out the mechanics of the game by themselves. It was quickly worked out that Pokémon and Pokéstops seemed to gather around heavily populated areas. Beaumont Street in Hamilton is one of the busiest streets in Newcastle for finding Pokémon, and 1-3 Pokéstops line every block of the cultural hub. A walk up and down Beaumont Street will fill your Pokédex right up.


Darby Street

Darby Street and Beaumont Street go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that both of them are great streets to play Pokémon Go on. There are lots of Cafés to sit and grab a bite to eat, while opening up the game and letting the Pokémon come to you. Maybe Pokémon are attracted to coffee?


Waratah Village

While not as packed as Beaumont or Darby Street, Waratah Village offers a great starting point to beginner players. The shopping centre only has one Pokéstop, but the large parking area means lots of Pokémon appear. A great place to use your first insence powerup!



Pokémon Go players have noticed that your geographical location has some bearing on what Pokémon will appear. Although it’s possible to find a Goldeen in the middle of a busy street, the closer you are to the ocean, the better your chance of snatching a few Water types. Newcastle Foreshore and the Breakwall are packed to the rafters with Pokémon, not to mention it’s a lovely walk.


Civic Park

Mere hours after Pokémon Go was released into the world, Facebook Groups began to pop up, allowing Newcastle Pokémon Go players to share their experiences and Pokémon. Several meetups have already taken place, with one at Civic Park bringing together over 50 Pokémon Masters. Civic Park was chosen due to the number of Pokéstops around it, allowing people to catch Pokémon en masse It’s amazing to see an app not only connect with people so strongly, but also connect people with each other. Go find your local Pokémon Go Facebook Group to find out about meetups, Pokéwalks, and general hints & tips.

Written by Spencer Scott

Spencer is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle. He's also a Triple J Unearthed Super User and writes for many national publications.


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