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Five more people who shop at Harris Farm

We’re back with another five people who shop at Harris Farm

Since its launch, a mere month or so ago (actually who keeps track of time these days? Certainly not me! Harris Farm has been an absolute hit with locals. We named our top 5 people who shop at Harris Farm last week and it caused a bit of a stir so obviously, we are going to write about 5 more.

People who haven’t heard of Glendale

The best thing about any post of the Harris Farm Facebook page is everyone from the burbs having a whinge that the Glendale store closed down. Listen up kids, that store closed down for a reason, so all of these so-called loyal shoppers have affected the traffic which is why there is now a store in Cooks Hill and not one out in the burbs. I understand the inconvenience factor but let it go people… just let it go. (And yes I understand that people who live in town are akin to Gretchen in Meal Girls where she says “I can’t help it that I’m popular but hey… what’s a girl to do).

Dinner party people

I’ve never thrown a dinner party myself. But if I did, I would like to be able to name the origin story of every ingredient I was lucky enough to be using. I’ll also add that I would probably be someone to be like oh yah that cheese was $99 a kilo. I can say that with absolute sincerity because I accidentally bought truffle camembert by accident and pretended I did it on purpose. I also didn’t eat for a week.

Cookbook People

People who buy cookbooks, buy good food. All the cookbooks say that you need good quality ingredients and no one wants to skip any instructions in these books. They are there to be followed to the letter even if Jamie’s 30-minute meals take 300 minutes but that’s ok. Cookbook people shop at Harris Farm and so should you.


Parents are just trying to live their god damn lives. Seriously. They are also trying to add a little splash of special to the casserole they are serving up at 6 pm whilst they are surrounded by screaming children. I’m sure if I was a parent I would also like to treat my god damn self to something delicious, and obviously, hide the caramel slice (purchased from Harris Farm) from my children. Fingers crossed they won’t be the type to scream.


Yes, just admit it. You shop at Harris Farm you awesome human. Because you care about the food that you eat, you care about the amount of plastic you use and abuse. You’re an awesome human and you love awesome things. But mostly though you love pulling the rope to get the bread. Duh.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.