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SOBRIETY BE DAMNED: Brace yourself for Fellr Double

Listen up, fellow beverage enthusiasts. Fellr, the rockstar of hard seltzers, just dropped some major news that’s sure to take your taste buds, and a few of your brain cells on a wild ride.

Sources close to our livers (and their press release) have told us that Fellr is releasing a Double Alcoholic Soda range they’re calling Fellr Double.

These bad boys, which will come in four new flavours, are expected to hit the fridges in bottle shops over the coming week

And they’re not mucking around here either. Each of the tins will be packing 6.5% ABV, or 1.8 standard drinks.

They reckon that while their classic Seltzer range is still the go-to for your beach picnic and chill sessions in the beer garden, the double range is made for those times when you want a bit more of a kick.

The new flavours they’ve chosen for the range are a bit of a nod to childhood treats. We’re talking Green Apple, Lemon Squash, and Raspberry. The new range also includes Passionfruit flavour, which we’re pretty sure is here to please the loyal Fellr devotees.

Tins of Fellr Double will start kicking around national and independent retailers from today, 24 August. A four-pack should set you back around 24 bucks. Hit their website to find out more.