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My favourite Newcastle coffee haunts that are better than yours

I don’t know much about a lot, for most of the time, but one thing I know about is coffee. Not just where to get it, or how to drink it, but I’m also one for knowing exactly how to seek solitude, sit in one spot for hours on end, and work whilst the world moves around me. Living in a five person share house will do that do you. Now we all have our favourite places and I get that but… mine are just better than yours. I’m a person of routine, habit, favouritism and loyalty and I’m also ridiculously stubborn and I love a good debate. So with these powers combined here are my favourite local coffee shops that are better than yours.

Welsh Blacks – 86 Bull Street, Cooks Hill

I heard a rumour once, that someone loved Welsh Blacks so much that they decided to get the logo tattooed  on their left wrist. How do I know? I know them personally. Ok yes, it was me. Passionately spontaneous decisions aside, they make the best coffee in town, most importantly for me, they make the best cold brew in town, (yes even in winter I don’t really deviate from cold coffee, I’m a masochist I get it).  Going to Welsh is always so much more than an impersonal interaction and the simple action of grabbing your bag of beans to go. The tight nit team know your order, they know you, and if you’re lucky, they’ll be the first to tell you to have the best day ever.

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Good Brother – 40 King Street, Newcastle

You should be good to your brother, if you’re either lucky, or unlucky enough to have one. You should also venture to the best side of King Street and go to Good Brother Coffee. The coffee is always perfection, the service is phenomenal and their avocado toast is single handedly keeping me from buying a house. There are ample places to hide away for many an hour, and plenty of good dogs that walk past ready for pats. This is important.

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The Good Oil – 107 Nelson St, Wallsend

“Yeah but you like haven’t even considered what’s going on in the outer sub…” wrong. As much as I’m daunted by the prospect of going any further away from the coastline than Beaumont Street (typical East Ender), I do venture out on the odd occasion, and when I do, it’s here. One of the biggest things for me when I am going to get coffee is the bother factor. Since most of the time I’m going to fight off my writers block or attempt to convince myself that it’s ok that I make things up for a living, I usually put my headphones on and sip my coffee in silence. The Good Oil is on the main street of Wallsend and they also make excellent coffee, their staff also respect that some people are awful at small talk and would prefer not to engage in such. This is a key reason for exactly why they made the list.

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Bank Corner – 2 Bellevue St, Newcastle West

I head to Bank Corner, every single Thursday and Friday looking for ideas. I’m not even close to kidding. I order a cold brew and vegemite on toast (with a lot of vegemite, like a lot), and hope that I can come up with something in between my morning routine and my very short walk to my workplace. It hasn’t failed me yet. There’s something about the walls that seem to serve as a safe haven for thoughts and feelings and solitude. Also, you can always tell the quality of a cafe by the regularity of, you guess it, their regulars. People seem to flock here, and it’s not just because of the ease of the commute. 

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Rolador – 1 Beaumont Street Hamilton

The perfect companion for any train trip is the perfect coffee. Unlike the other places I’ve mentioned I usually breeze on in here, and breeze on out again but it’s always been a really positive experience. For some reason though, I’ve also had some ridiculously serious conversations here, so maybe I’m holding onto that concept. But the thing about a serious conversations is, it’s best to have something to hold onto and stir whilst you’re doing so. Tried and tested method. There’s no need to settle for bad coffee in the mean time. 

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Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.