PHOTO: Henry Diltz

FANTASY GIRL: The first taste from Melody Pool’s new long player is here

Melody Pool is back with a brand single, Fantasy Girl. The song is the first taste from the Hunter-based artist’s forthcoming long player which is due for release in July this year.

Renowned for her introspective lyricism and captivating sound, Fantasy Girl is another example of Melody’s dedication to unhurried artistry, meticulous care and devotion to the craft of making music.

If her 2023 EP Lost in Time was the music she needed to make, Fantasy Girl feels like a preview of the album we’ve been longing to hear.

The song, produced by Christopher Dale and recorded live to tape during recent sessions for the forthcoming album, is sonically lush, dripping in emotive movements with nods to Pink Floyd and string arrangements that sound like George Martin was in the room.

“In some ways, it’s a new sound, but doesn’t lose any of the Melody Poolness about it,” she said.

“It is absolutely still emotionally and lyrically faithful to who I am.”

The journey towards the release of Fantasy Girl has been one marked by profound experiences and personal growth.

Following a hiatus from music, during which she retreated from the spotlight to focus on her craft and personal life, Pool emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and artistic vision. Her time away allowed her to delve deeper into her creative process, resulting in music that is as introspective as it is impactful.

The release of Fantasy Girl will have long-time fans rejoicing and open the door for new listeners to explore one of the most accomplished bodies of work a contemporary Australian artist has to offer.

Melody will now embark on a series of live performances, including a special appearance at the Gum Ball Music Festival next weekend. The new song is available to listen to on all streaming platforms today for more info visit