EVERYTHING ZEN: The best ways to practice mindfulness…if you’re not really into that sort of thing

There’s been news circulating recently that mindfulness and meditation will become standard in schools in Britain.

Obviously, it caused an uproar, as does everything progressive when it’s posted to Facebook. Many think that mindfulness has no place in our school system, or even in our everyday lives.

Sure it might sound a little woo woo to some, or to most just a little bit too out there, but did you know that mindfulness comes in all shapes and sizes? It’s what you need, at the time and place you need it and here are our top five ways to practice mindfulness, that help smash the stereotype of self-care.

1. Colouring in

Yes, I know, all of the colouring books say mindfulness on the front and it was a bit of a trend there for a while but it really is a way of practicing mindfulness. Anything that calms and quiets your mind, and gets you out of your head for a red hot minute counts. And if colouring is your jam, then I say go for it. 

2. Walking

Sometimes it really is all about putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes all your mind needs is a little bit of space to breathe, be, and sense the world around you. It’s also nice to get some exercise once in a while. Keep your body moving, and give your mind a healthy dose of quiet stillness. 

3. Baking

Unconventional, sure, but again it’s an activity which requires lots of steps, practice, and patience. It’s repetitive and has a set end goal. You also get a tasty treat at the end of it!

It’s a skill you can refine, and whilst you’re honing in on trying to get that souffle to rise, you’re probably keeping your mind from running around in circles. 

4. Crafting, making, creating

Same same friends. Whatever your passion, or skill, or desire to make, or create may be, it’s all awesome, and all worth it. Anything that keeps your hands busy, more often than not, keeps the mind still. Meditating and stillness is a skill, something that takes practice, but why not start here?

5. Writing

Journaling is good for the mind, body and soul, that I can guarantee. No one wants to keep all of that white noise floating around in their brain all the time right? So why not write it down instead?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to journaling either, you don’t even have to call it journaling. And no, your diary doesn’t need a glittery lock and key, it’s simply about downloading your day, or week, or whatever else you need to do, in a way that helps you do you, the best way yo know-how. 

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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