Upbeat City Duo

Upbeat City Duo

NEX - Wests City
Friday, 10 August 2018

Upbeat City duo will be performing their residency gig every Friday starting the 10th of August.
A newly form duet from two very experienced musician.
Vivian Lucero who have been performing in Japan,Philippines,Abu Dhabi,Dubai Okinawa, Vanuatu in five star hotels before settling in Newcastle.Also have formed a very successful duet called Talk of the Town with her brother.

Her new partner Robbie Urquhart who is also a very successful musician in the music industry,performed with his band the rattle snake around Newcastle,famous with their Rock n roll music. A great guitarist with a unique voice to captivate anyone in the audience.

Together we call ourselves the Upbeat City duo we are combining our talent to entertain audience from all walks of life.

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