Ugly Mugs- presented by GNaW Theatre

Ugly Mugs- presented by GNaW Theatre

Civic Playhouse
Thursday, 26 April 2018

GNaW Theatre Presents:

‘Ugly Mugs’ By Peta Brady 26-28th April, 2018. 8pm nightly and a 2pm matinee on Saturday the 28th.

Opening Night: Thursday the 26th April at 8pm.

Civic Playhouse Theatre, Newcastle.

GNaW Theatre launches its first year with Peta Brady’s ‘Ugly Mugs’, directed by Pearl Nunn (‘Inherit the Wind’) with an extraordinary local ensemble including Amy Wilde (‘The Age of Consent’), Steve Wilson (‘Lieutenant of Inishmore’), Oliver MacFadyen (‘Bed’), Taylor Reece (‘Little Women’), Katy Carruthers (‘Inherit the Wind’) and Graham Wilson (‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’).

A girl on a footy field cops a blow to the head and her bag is stolen. A teenage boy grapples with his role in a disturbing event. A woman relives a nightmare while her doctor looks on. None of them saw it coming. None of them were ready for what happened next.

Taking its title from the name sex workers use for aggressive clients, Peta Brady’s Ugly Mugs emerged from a Melbourne shocked by violence against women and interrogates the culture of abuse lurking in the shadows of every Australian city. Daring, provocative and topical, it asks complex questions about vulnerability and responsibility.

“Ugly Mugs makes it possible for us to appreciate and even enjoy elements of a play that peers into the dark places of our cities and our psyches” Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

“Ugly Mugs is a triumph for Peta Brady. She has crafted a meaningful drama that illuminates as much as it engrosses… it’s one of the more remarkable plays to bring the mean streets to life, not least because its authenticity is palpable and the drama as truthful as it is often shocking.” Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

“Brady does a great job of seamlessly blending grim humour with the haunting tale…”Jordi Roth, Women’s Agenda

“Ugly Mugs shines a light on the darkest parts of our streets and forces us to acknowledge some hard truths. You can’t ignore it.” Ben Neutze, Daily Review

“Brady’s play cuts through the middle-class bubble that seems to encapsulate most contemporary Australian drama.” Cameron Woodhead, Sydney Morning Herald

Tickets $20-$30 from Ticketek. Group discounts available by calling (02) 4929 1977

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