Time of Your (end of) Life

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Time of Your (end of) Life

11:00am - 12:30pm

From the organiser...

The Time of Your (End of) Life is about having conversations that trigger our memories, that make us laugh and cry, that encourage a loving response to death, rather than a fearful one.

The more we talk about it, the less the resistance and fear we experience.

Talking about death does not make it come any closer. Our society has failed us for decades.

When once we kept Grandma in the front parlour, and the neighbourhood could come in and say goodbye, both before her death and after, now we disappear our beloveds into hospitals and hospices hoping for a miracle.

Death will come.

Every child born will die.

Let’s share a deeper chat around that idea.

See you at the event!

Offered at No Charge as a Service to Community.

Anyone identifying as female is welcome to attend our events

Sydney Sun, at 11:00 am
Perth Sun, at 9:00 am
Auckland Sun, at 1:00 pm
Singapore Sun, at 9:00 am
New York Sat, at 9:00 pm
Vancouver Sat, at 6:00 pm
Rio de Janeiro Sat, at 10:00 pm
London Sun, at 2:00 am
Cape Town Sun, at 3:00 am

Facilitator: Ruth Boydell

Ruth is an end of life educator and doula. She bring my skills as a non-religious pastoral care practitioner and adult educator along with patience, compassion and a wish for us to live our lives right to the end.

Ruth is the Host of the Time Of Your Life Tribe