The Hunter Wind Quintet at the Royal Exchange

Friday, 17 May 2019

The Hunter Wind Quintet at the Royal Exchange

The Royal Exchange
34 Bolton St, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

They’ve been called ‘endangered instruments’ and it appears that Australian oboe and bassoon players are in drastic decline. But in the new Hunter Wind Quintet, at the Royal Exchange Salon Theatre on Friday 17 May, 7.30pm, the oboe and the bassoon will be brimming with life as they join with the flute, clarinet and French horn to form a unique musical sound of virtuosic riffs and sumptuous harmonies.

A wind quintet is both curious and elegant. Each instrument has a unique sound production mechanism where the wind is directed under high pressure through the tubing. The different materials of wood, silver and brass, tube lengths and mouthpieces or reeds give each instrument a unique timbre or tone. Together they create sonorities that are equally rich or brilliant and pointed depending on the composer.

In the hands of classical composers such as Mozart and Reicha, the instruments of the quintet alternately sing to or accompany each other, while in modern works, the instruments challenge each other’s virtuosity. And the musicians of the Hunter Wind Quintet are ready for that challenge. Each player has a wide range of professional experience, from symphony orchestra to small ensembles, from classical to contemporary through folk and jazz. Their next concert is in the eclectic Salon Theatre of the Royal Exchange in the centre of Newcastle, a small creative arts establishment in the style of European and New York basement art houses. Tickets are $20 and available at

The Hunter Wind Quintet is a group of local musicians who have a wide range of professional experiences in music performance, from symphony orchestras to small ensembles, from classical to contemporary through jazz and eclectic. Together they form a unique ensemble that exploits the colourful and rich blend of woodwind instruments with French horn.

Flute – Jennifer StGeorge
Oboe – Rachel Tolmie
Clarinet – Adrian Quinn
Bassoon – Nigel Goddard
French Horn – Louise Gleeson

At this concert, the Quintet will play repertoire from well-known composers such as Mozart, Reicha, Bizet and Debussy

Written by Newcastle Live

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