Rhythm Hunters

Rhythm Hunters

The Commons
Thursday, 21 September 2017

Rhythm Hunters – ‘Salam Dunia (World Peace)’ tour

The much anticipated new studio album from NSW Central Coast world music group Rhythm Hunters is set to be released mid September 2017, and they can’t wait to hit the road and bring this new album to the world!

A ground breaking new world album bringing together 10 years of the raw, love infused contemporary tribal sound of Rhythm Hunters. The sound, heavily informed by Indonesian music comes together in a way that honours those roots, yet also launches forward into a world of no boundaries, where cultures and eras blend, meet, talk and ultimately become one. This is not traditional music, nor a reflection of current musical trends. All the tracks are present tense in the moment, evolving musical artworks.

The album was recorded by Melbourne engineer Robin May (John Butler Trio, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Nick Cave, Paul Kelly) and produced by legendary producer, musician and percussionist Nicky Bomba, in country Victoria alpine region in early 2017. Immersed in nature and locked away for several weeks as a band, and family living and working together in the studio, the resulting music is textural, brave, thunderous, sometimes orchestral, yet fun, joyous and great on the ear. Many lessons were learnt about having a plan and aborting the plan, as the moment must prevail over any expected outcome.

It’s Always the Same, Till it’s Different… is available as in independent release only at live shows from Friday 15th September 2017. Official album launch at Rhythm Underground Sat 25th November, The Jenolan Caves


Supporting Rhythm Hunters is Newcastle artist Sid Berry.
Sid creates music live before your eyes by the art of live looping. Heavily influenced by reggae, he brings a positive feel to every venue. His music is gaining momentum as more and more people discover his live shows. Audiences make a real connection to his music that reaches deep because it has foundations in roots, reggae and dance.

Relatively new to the scene, Sid has played guitar since he was a kid but only in early 2016 did he start looping which he took to naturally and it opened a whole new world of creating music live. This newfound art of music making soon spilled out of his loungeroom and into the local open mics of Newcastle. From there Sid began to gig regularly and his loyal fan base has been growing steadily as his music is well received wherever he plays.

“My Mission is to create music that feels good. Not just for you, but for me, because I love music I can feel” – Sid Berry


The Commons, Level 1, 150 Beaumont St, Newcastle
Doors 6pm

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