One Billion Rising Lake Macquarie & Newcastle 2020

Friday, 14 February 2020

One Billion Rising Lake Macquarie & Newcastle 2020

In 2020 we will be returning to Gregson Park in Hamilton. We will be under the figs (in front of the tennis courts, to the right of the children’s playground).

In line with the global campaign we will be focusing on raising the vibration, we feel that a positive way to do this is to encourage healing from trauma. Local women have volunteered to donate their time and the evening will include:
– An Acknowledgment of Country.
– The opportunity to be cleansed with a white sage smudging.
– Group participation to create a healing mandala. Using objects from nature we will focus on releasing negativity from the past, whilst making a beautiful mandala. At the end of the evening the mandala will be erased and the pieces used within it will be released back into nature.
– We will host a healing circle. Those that wish to can join us in a circle, we will not discuss our individual stories but will connect and validate each other, by standing together in solidarity.
– We will dance “Break the Chain”. We encourage everyone to join in the dancing, it is not about knowing the steps rather we want you to feel happy and free within your body.

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute something to the evening. We look forward to Rising with you.

Below is info from the international campaign.

We are in the midst of a rising tide of right -wing nationalism, white supremacy, fascism, tyranny, hatred of and fear of immigrants, misogyny, femicide, homophobia, transphobia, corporate greed and climate destruction.
We cannot beat fascists, rapists, climate deniers and plunderers on their terms. We will never be that cruel, discompassionate, greedy, or murderous. We cannot let ourselves be changed by or sunk in their cynicism, hatred, divisions and destruction.
What we can do is remember we are the many and we can raise the vibration through action, art, connection, imagination and love.
That is why we do theater, write songs, poetry and dance.
That is why we stand in the face of injustice and are just.
That is why call out the systems that create insane inequality and we give more.
That is why we open the borders of our heart when the state builds walls, detention centers and refugee camps.
That is why we reach out to include everyone in our circle of rising as the state creates further and further divisions between us.
That is why we devote ourselves to developing trust and solidarity because this bond, once secure becomes our wings.
That is why we move our bodies so that the freedom and energy we shake loose becomes a new energy bringing in a new future.
That is why we see, cherish, nurture, respect and protect our Mother Earth as we are not separate from her. Her life is our life.
Together, we RISE to free all women (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities) from sexual, physical, racial, economic, political, socio-cultural, ideological and climate crisis violence. RISE to end rape, battery, incest, sexual harassment, female genital mutilation, sexual slavery and trafficking, child marriage, femicide, sexual, gender and reproductive oppression, violence towards LGBTQIA+ communities. RISE to end capitalism, colonization, racism, imperialism, war and climate catastrophe.
Join us in 2020!
Rise Resist Unite
Raise the Vibration
Rise For Revolution

Written by Newcastle Live

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