Numidia, Echo Del Tusker and Comacozer at The Stag and Hunter

Friday, 15 March 2019

Numidia, Echo Del Tusker and Comacozer at The Stag and Hunter

The Stag & Hunter Hotel
187 Maitland Road, Mayfield, NSW, 2304



Sydney psychedelic prog rockers Numidia are set to dazzle your minds with their 4 part vocal harmonies and hypnotic melodies in support of their self titled debut album.

“This is absolutely incredible music. This debut album is capable of making huge waves in both heavy and progressive rock circles. It’s like a modern day Pink Floyd with some spiritual finesse similar to The Doors and the tribal vibes of Mother Earth herself with some gnarly fuzz thrown on top. Wow, just wow.”

– Bucky (Ripple Music)

Listen to the album in full:

Echo Del Tusker

Echo Del Tusker branded themselves with a name that sounded cool and didn’t mean anything (like most band names) and began scraping sounds together from avenues of blues, metal, and gospel to the backdrop of each member’s defining variety of rock and roll.


The Psychedelic Space Rock that is Comacozer formed in 2013 out of mutual love for Psychedelic Rock and Space Rock.

Since inception Comacozer have been consistent with releasing a Vinyl every year through Headspin Records and RIOT Records which has gained them a very high visibility in The Psych Rock scene across the globe.

The live experience of Comacozer is like no other, Ricks Hendrix Solos, The Trembling basslines of Rich, the pounding tribal drum rhythms of Andy while James covers this new brand of Space Rock with his synth while the songs grow, meet their climax and break-through to another dimension. It obvious the band through their song writing that the band has taken influence from the greats in these genres including Jimi Hendrix, Hawkwind, Naxatras and Pink Floyd.

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