Honkytonk Merry•Go•Round Tour

Honkytonk Merry•Go•Round Tour

Grand Junction Hotel
Sunday, 15 October 2017

Honkytonk music is making a revival, as a group of talented country musicians hit the road to lure people back to the local pub dance floor. Paying tribute to the great touring acts of the honkytonk heyday, The Honkytonk Merry Go Round Tour features NT’s singing truck driver Kate Oliver, cross-genre fiddler/accordion player Gleny Rae Virus and Sydney’s favourite country dance band Rob Luckey and the Luckey Bastards. Together they will present an array of toe-tapping original songs and bar room favourites, all guaranteed to fill the dance floor.
The Honkytonk Merry Go Round begins in Newcastle and works its way down to Melbourne via various true and tested venues with the necessary ingredients; a friendly bar, a timber dance floor and some dim lighting! If you need to hold your baby close, cry in your beer or get a little unsteady to the sound of guitars and fiddles, don’t miss this show!
With band members hailing from as far afield as Katherine, NT and Green Point, Tasmania, geography has not stopped their musical alliance. They began playing together over a decade ago at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Since then, Gleny Rae Virus has regularly appeared with the Lucky Bastards at festivals and pubs in Sydney. Gleny and Kate have maintained a close musical friendship since they met at the 1999 Adelaide River Country Music Talent Quest! This musical collaboration continued when Gleny Rae produced Kate Oliver’s latest album, which was recorded by Robbie Long in his Newcastle studio. The album features Rob Luckey singing a heartbreak duet with Kate Oliver, written by Canadian musician Anne-Louise Genest.

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