GomazVsPedro Weekend Rewards

Saturday, 16 February 2019

GomazVsPedro Weekend Rewards

Gomaz vs Pedro
1A Elizabeth St, Tighes Hill, NSW, 2297

Hello Newcastle competitive gaming community, if you were looking for a bit of extra incentive to win some games on the weekend we have just the thing for you!

Every weekend between 2pm and 4pm we will be running a progressive prize system for those playing battle royal games, or competitive games! (will be listed below)

Games included:

Battle Royal
– Fortnite
– Call of Duty – Blackout
– Playerunknown Battle Grounds

Traditional Competitive Games
– League of Legends
– Dota2
– Counterstrike Global Offensive
– Overwatch
– RainbowSix Siege

1st Win – Can of Soft Drink
2nd Win – Bonus hour (played on the day if non member)
3rd Win – Pizza of your choice
4th Win – 2 Bonus hour (played on the day if non member)

– Must be played on your account, no smurfing on our house accounts 😉
– Hours won if a non-member are played on the day or lost to the void, if you are a member it will be added to your account to play whenever you like.
– Battle Royal is Solo, Duo or Squads ONLY!!!
– Traditional competitive games must be playing in RANKED MODE

Leader boards!
We will be keeping track of who is doing the most winning in house with in house leader boards for each game!

Cost to play:

Non-Members – $5 per hour

Membership – $20 per season (season ends in June 2019)

Members PC rates
– $5 per hour
– $15 for 4 hours
– $35 for 10 hours

Other member benefits
– Discounts in the cafe
– Free offline console use (fighting games)
– Discounted weekly fighting game tournament entry

If you have any other questions just give us a message on the page or ask us on the day.

Happy Gaming 🙂

Written by Newcastle Live

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