The Autumn Hearts w/ The Marquis & Lenny Tranter and the Bagism Revalation

The Autumn Hearts w/ The Marquis & Lenny Tranter and the Bagism Revalation

Stag & Hunter Hotel
Saturday, 08 July 2017

The Autumn Hearts are a jangling, melodic pop from seasoned artists. Hum it, sing it, dream it.

The Marquis are an alternative 3 piece band based in the blue mountains, west of Sydney. Combining the likes of The Beatles, the Jam and Oasis; the punk aesthetic does not outshine the complex emotions and songwriting quality on display. The Marquis sound is a playful yet melancholy whirlwind of autumn sadness and gritty determination sure to appeal to any emotion on any day.

Lennie Tranter and The Bagism Revelation are a Newcastle based band who play melodic pop-rock that will blast you back to the 70’s. Front man, Lennie Tranter, has a song writing style that is both unique and familiar. With irresistible hooklines and endearing harmonies, Tranter’s melodic, catchy and upbeat songs are reminiscent of British greats, The Beatles and Oasis. Tranter’s band, The Bagism Revelation, bring his songs to life with Alex Thorpe’s McCartney-esque basslines, Nick Thorpe’s driving lead guitar, and Sam Smith’s rhythmically rolling drums. Lennie Tranter and The Bagism Revelation create perfect moments that will have you singing along to songs you’ve never heard.

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