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ESSENTIAL STREAMING: Five Netflix shows you should be watching

Finding it hard to find the good stuff on Netflix? Here are just a few of my faves.

Oh, and I don’t even bother writing about shows in their first season because who has time to get invested and then be left with nothing?

Not me, that’s for sure.

GLOW (Season 1 & 2 and 3 available now)

If you’re not watching this fantastically fun and funny series about a bunch of lady wrestlers, then you need to grab a blanket and start bingeing until this wild and windy weather passes.

GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) is set in the 1980’s and centres around a bunch of struggling actors, singers and the like who are part of a new ladies’ wrestling show.

But it’s really a story about women. All kinds of women and the relationships they have with each other, with men, with kids, with themselves. The central characters of Ruth and Debbie are besties who have a falling out (it’s pretty bad) but they have to work together and still love each other.

Season 3 is, I believe, the final season and I’m almost all the way through and it’s the best one yet.

Russian Doll (Season 1 available with Season 2 announced)

One of the funniest and most original shows in ages and season 2 was announced about six weeks ago. Yay!

On her 36th birthday, jaded, sweary videogame developer Nadia is having a great time thank you. She’s drinking, smoking, doing drugs, getting laid and BAM!

She dies.

But then, caught in some weird time warp, she must relive the entire night again and again. Always dying and always coming back to the same moment in time. Her life becomes one continuous loop of the same night.

Boring, right? Wrong

It’s funny as f*** and I promise, you will love it.

Be warned, it’s full of swearing, sex and drugs.

Whitney Cummings: Can I Touch It?

This is her fourth comedy special and if you’re a fan, you won’t be surprised by Whitney’s very frank and honest views on everyone and everything. Especially relationships and feminism in this modern world of ours.

This time, she’s all about the tech and sex robots. But Whitney being Whitney, she wasn’t just happy talking about the potential impacts sex robots may have on our everyday lives, oh no.

She went and got her own.

Be prepared to laugh …. but then…. You’ll start to want your own doppelganger sex robot.

Animal Kingdom (Season 1 to 4 available now. Season 5 has just been announced)

A spin-off series of the amazing Aussie movie of the same name, season 4 is currently screening and season 5 has just been announced.

The series follows the Cody brothers, Baz, Pope, Craig and Deran, their nephew Josh and their utterly intimidating mother Smurf.

These boys are bad. Led by their mother, who masterminds and controls almost every aspect of their lives, they make a living robbing, stealing and pillaging. Yeah, they’re the real bad types.

However, they’re not so bad you don’t find them interesting and want more. In fact, the opposite is true. Yeah it doesn’t help that they’re all very easy on the eyes but these are no pretty boys just here as eye candy.

These are very big boys playing very dangerous games for very high stakes.

Workin’ Moms (Seasons 1 and 2 available)

This Canadian production follows a group of very different women as they navigate motherhood and going back to work after having a baby. They all attend a mother’s group where they do stuff like baby yoga, but mostly bond over their realisation that the ideal of perfect motherhood may not be everything it’s cracked up to be.

As many mothers will know and understand, this is the absolute truth.

All the women must juggle partners, babies, other kids, life, love and work. Some cannot go back to work soon enough, while others are dreading that moment.

This fun, fresh and unique perspective on motherhood will have you laughing (sometimes till you pee) and crying in equal measures.

The moment in the trailer where the new mum scares off a big brown bear with her screams is basically every woman who has ever become a mother.

Written by Sue Ellen

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