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Escape Reality and Enter Excitement at Newcastle’s Newest Entertainment Experience!

Escape Reality – Escape Rooms Newcastle is the newest fun and immersive experience in town.

For those that are new to Escape Rooms, an escape room is a game played in real life. You and your team of 2-6 players will be locked inside an immersive movie-themed set and have just 60 minutes to solve a series of challenging puzzles and escape!

Located right in the heart of Newcastle’s CBD, you’re in a great spot surrounded by pubs, clubs and eateries, making for a perfect day out.

Escape reality has four themes to choose from, but with Halloween just around the corner, we’ll be taking a look at their horror SAW inspired game room, Enigmista!


There have been reports that a serial killer is on the loose. Many people in the area have disappeared without a trace. To date, only one known survivor has emerged from the killer’s lair. Rumour has it that the killer toys with his victims to see how far they can push themselves in order to escape.

You have suddenly awoken to discover that you have been locked and shackled inside a dark, dank room with no recollection of how you found yourself there. Your captor has devised a series of games to test how much strength you have in order to save your own life. Can you escape the killer’s lair?


If serial killers aren’t your thing, there are other great rooms you can make your escape from including a maximum-security prison.

The Alcatraz room will transport you to the world-famous jail in San Francisco Bay where you’ll need to make your escape whilst all hell is breaking loose.

A mutiny on the high seas awaits you in the Tortuga Pirates room where you’ll have to find buried treasure to evade a terrible curse and last but not least, the Bank Job room will give you 60 minutes to locate and steal the world’s most valuable diamond before security takes you down!

Whatever your taste there is a room for you.

From date nights and thrill-seekers to families with children aged 6 to 14 years old looking for a fun family activity during school holidays and cool bosses wanting to treat their staff to a rad corporate event or team-building exercise, Escape Reality Escape Rooms are a not to be missed event.

Escape Reality is located at Level 1, 4 Crown Street in Newcastle just across the road from The Lucky. Head over to to secure your spot now and use the code NEWCASTLELIVE10 to make your escape even sweeter.