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DRIZZLE DAYS: Things Novocastrians should NOT do during the rain

Can we talk about Novocastrians and the rain for a red hot minute? I know we are a beach town but Jeebus, surely we’ve all seen the marvel that is water falling miraculously from the sky in the reg?

And sure I know we are in a drought right now (and no boomers, just because it rained doesn’t mean we’re off water restrictions, ya dig?)

But the rain isn’t a good enough reason to do any of the following.

1. Drive at exactly five kilometres an hour 

Seriously though, have you ever driven up Memorial Drive in the rain?

Most people don’t even make it all the way up the hill before they start rolling back again because they are driving that slow.

I’m not saying drive like a maniac but you know, the speed limit plz. 

2. Not go to any local businesses

With each tiny drop of rain, local businesses are the ones who are facing a drought. Novocastrians feel like since it’s raining all businesses must indeed be closed.

In fact worse than closed, never even existed in this crazy world we live in God damn it.  

3. Not leave the house

As per the previous point, we don’t like to leave the house when it rains! Like, at all.

The streets are dead, and there ain’t nothing happening. Even the pubs are dead.

C’mon guys what the flip is up with that?! 

4. Text everyone you know asking ‘hey is it raining where you are?’

The wet-weather equivalent of “is it hot enough for ya?” Social media is always alight with so many posts.

Oh, so many posts. ‘Hey, it’s raining here… anyone else?’ Then the comments come in and it’s carnage from here. It’s almost worse than the roads. 

5. Not bring an umbrella or raincoat when you do eventually decide to leave the house 

That’s the other thing… when we do decide to (on the very off chance) leave the house we don’t go prepared.

No raincoat, no umbrella, no nothing. Not a thing. And then we slump through whatever door we’re heading and exclaim, surprised, that it’s really coming down out there.

Like sorry, wot?

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