Doughheads celebrates seventh birthday with DIY party packs and MORE!

In a case of time flies when your mouth is full of sweet, sweet doughnuts, Newy food legends Doughheads are celebrating seven, well doughies, around the sun this week.

And the Junction-based eatery is definitely not letting the occasion slip by unmarked, giving you the chance to celebrate at home and get a little bit creative into the bargain.

Until Sunday 29 August, you can get into the party spirit with Doughheads’ Birthday Dough-it-Yourself packs

Each pack contains everything you need to create your very own birthday cake doughnut – a doughnut (of course) a tub of buttercream, a tub of birthday cake crumble and sprinkles, a tub of eggless cake batter and raspberry jam.

You’re encouraged to let your imagination run wild with this one (as well as sharing your creation on Doughheads’ Facebook and Insta, but if you need a little bit of inspo, just check out the video below.

But that’s not the only party proceeding popping off this week. Making a welcome return is the Doughheads Cinnamon Doughnut Easting Challenge which asks the question of all food-loving Novos – have you, or more precisely, your tongue got what it takes?

What it takes exactly is the ability to eat an entire cinnamon doughnut WITHOUT licking your lips.

Seems simple, yes? Well, you might be in for a bit of a shock.

Here’s what you have to do to eat your way to dough-filled glory.

  1. Grab a Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut from Doughheads from now intil Sunday 29 August.
  2. Eat the thing while displaying zen-like tongue control
  3. Upload your clip to Insta using the hashtags #dontlickyourlips and #doughheadschallenge
  4. Tag three friends who you think are up for the challenge
  5. Sit back and wait to see if you’re one of five $50 gift voucher winners!


And if you thought that was all the birthday fun it was possible to have in one year, you’d be dead wrong because Dougheads are also bringing back THREE of their most popular special guest doughnut stars to take part in the frivolity.

So until Sunday 5 September, you can lose yourself in the flavours of the Bueno (dipped in Nutella with white choc hazelnut filling, choc drizzle and a Kinder bar⁠),Vegan Biscoff Cheesecake (smothered in Biscoff spread, filled with ‘cheesecake’ and topped with roasted slivered almonds and a Biscoff biscuit⁠) and the Low Gluten Salted Caramel TimTam (dipped in milk choc ganache, filled with salted caramel and topped with vanilla buttercream and choc cookie crumble⁠.)

Now that’s a trifecta worth betting on!

These limited-edition treats are available for contactless pickup and delivery so head here to place your order now.

Many happy returns, Doughheads!