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Don’t play two-up if you’re not willing to get up

Ok fine. I know how easy it is to get swept up in the hype of life at this time of year.

2019 has been an absolute ripper for the double headed holiday. I saw some numbers floating around that those who work conventional hours can take two days of leave and receive ten days holiday in return (if someone could explain that to me, that would be amazing).

So, I get it. It’s all exciting and wonderful and for some even like a second Christmas but, there is one ‘holiday’ in particular this week that perhaps you should check yourself before you wreck yourself – ANZAC Day.

Sure, to some, it may just be an excuse to get pissed and lose all our money and call in sick on Friday but… it surely needs to mean so much more than that.

When was the last time you went to a dawn service? Or thought about for a red hot minute what ANZAC Day is really supposed to mean?

For those who aren’t sure, ANZAC Day marks that fateful day that allied troops landed on the shores of Gallipoli during the First World War.

It was one of the biggest recorded losses for allied troops and a catastrophic mishap to say the least. But Allied forces fought, dug in, and the spirit of the ANZAC was born.

Today, we use ANZAC Day as a time to pause and reflect not just on the first world war and that fateful day at Gallipoli, but all wars, battles, and pay our respects to both past and current members of our defence forces.

There are of course many traditions involved with ANZAC Day – the dawn service being one of them, and two-up being another.

Now, this might be controversial but of you aren’t willing to drag your butt out of bed to pay your respects at dawn (or at another service later in the morning) what gives you the right to go and get pissed with your mates, playing two-up and waving soggy $5 bills around like you own the place?

It should be a two way street, right? I just want to pose the thought that before you walk around half blind with your hands on your head looking for a mate, think about the reason days like ANZAC Day exist in the first place, and the rights and freedoms we get to celebrate because of key moments in history.

Just a thought ya know?