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SPIN OUT: The Halloween pizza with a spicy twist

Eight slices of pizza. Seven are cheese-laden heaven…one is a hell of a shock for your tastebuds!

In celebration of Halloween, Dominos Australia has announced a special limited edition pizza. Available for one week only, from 26 October until 1 November, the Halloween Roulette pizza has a wicked twist….

You order your favourite pizza, and one slice has some seriously hot chilli sauce applied. But which slice is it? Spin the pizza wheel to find out!

And we’re not talking about just ANY chilli sauce here. We’re talking about a hot sauce made from Australian Ghost chillies. You know the ones with up to 1,041,427 Scoville heat units.

So get ready, this slice is going to pack a real punch.

Fancy turning up the heat full-time? Chilli lovers can also enter a competition to win a bottle of the hot sauce.

The pizza delivery giant is also selling Halloween cookies this year. And if you’re going to subject yourself to the stress of a Halloween Roulette pizza, we reckon you deserve a little sweet (and cute) treat afterward.