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DIY DELICIOUSNESS: Susuru’s latest ramen special puts YOU in the driver’s seat!

It’s the East End ramen joint that has been churning out monthly slurp-worthy specials with almost predictable regularity.

And now, for it’s latest ‘cameo star’ Susuru Ramen and Gyoza want to kick back and let you do all the work.

To that end, the popular eatery has come up with the concept of a ‘Build Your Own’ Salad Ramen letting you finally bring your wildest and best-kept ramen fantasies to tasty, tasty life.

The idea is simple – you can fully customise your perfect ramen from ‘go-to-whoa’ and all you have to do is choose your noodles, a chilled salad dressing, a protein and up to five salads (along with any extras that tickle your fancy)

Before you can say “arigato gozaimashita” you’ve got yourself a personalised bowl of awesomeness!

And when it comes to creating your very own ramen bowl, deciding what to leave out is more than likely going to be half the battle.

You’ve got your choice of regular or gluten-free noodles, Sesame Soy Ginger, Yuzu Soy Vinegar, Piri-Kara mayo or Teriyaki mayo from the sauce family, and you can even moderate the heat with either chilli, mustard, or reaper chilli paste.

Protein-wise, you can choose from chicken (Chashu or Teriyaki), pork (Chashu or Katsu) or tofu (fried, crumbed or Teriyaki), and when it comes to the salad or veg, there are no less than 14 options on the table – everything from edamame and wood ear mushroom to kimchi and pickled ginger.

So, if you like your dining experiences to have a DIY aspect to them, make a beeline to Susuru ASAP because this one is only around until the end of December.

Susuru Ramen and Gyoza is located at 140 King Street, Newcastle. Head here for more information.

Written by Newcastle Live

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