DIOS MIO! Rascal drops its SCARIEST burger creation yet!

Remember that flick The Exorcist?

It was a terrifying tale of demonic possession featuring a head-turning performance by a young Linda Blair and one that had pretty much everyone who saw it sleeping with the lights on when it was released back in 1973 and still elicits those same chills decades later.

Well, Newcastle burger purveyor Rascal has looked to the William Friedkin-directed horror classic for their latest burger special, while also heading “south of the border” for a little extra inspo.

Yep, that’s right. The inner-city and Charlestown burger slingers are giving us The Mexorcist this week – a spicy little number that could have been prepared in Satan’s own kitchen.

Tex-Mex is the order of the day here and the faint of heart have been duly warned that this burg will “make you feel like a fiery demon is inside of you.”

And when you bung a Wagyu patty, cheese, Carolina Reaper chipotle sauce, mozzarella sticks, and jalapeño salsa fresca betwixt a bun, it’s pretty much a free-kick that this one is going to put a sheen on your brow.

The jury is out on if multiple tastings of this firey beast will cause your head to spin 360-degrees while hurling blasphemous insults at priests, but we’re definitely keen to find out!

Rascal is located at 1/266 King St, Newcastle and The Corner, Charlestown Square.