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DINE & DIE: Mad Mex’s 1kg Big burrito challenge could land you a burial plot!

Mexican food barons, Mad Mex has announced the return of its legendary 1kg Big Burrito!

And they’re running a promotion that could see one diner walk away with (checks notes) a plot of land in a cemetery.

Anybody who can polish off a 1kg burrito with a 500ml can of Liquid Death as a chaser will go into the running to nab a hallowed piece of dirt in the dead centre of town. And given land prices, this might be the only chance we all have to enter the property market

But before you start making plans, please note that consuming a 1kg burrito and washing it down with 500 ml of Liquid Death is no small feat.

To enter the competition, customers need only to purchase the Big Burrito combo and craft an inscription for their tombstone or that of a friend who attempted the challenge but fell short.

The winner, to be announced on August 1st, will receive their very own burial plot, ensuring their future is, quite literally, set in stone. This imaginative promotion is sure to attract attention and drive engagement among Mad Mex’s adventurous clientele.

The Big Burrito and Liquid Death combo is available across Mad Mex stores nationwide and can also be ordered via Uber Eats or the Mad Mex app until 21 July. For more details, enthusiasts can visit