Deana Martin loves Ugg boots

When the daughter of iconic entertainer Dean Martin, Deana tried on her first pair of Ugg Boots she immediately fell in love. She loved the quintessential sheepskin boot so much that she quickly amassed a collection  in every colour she could find. 

“I’ve seen them for years. When I finally tried them on, I fell in love and I had to have them every colour. I’ve just come off a Christmas tour so I’m looking for some warmth” she tells us over the phone from America during our interview.

Deana, the daughter of iconic entertainer Dean Martin is headed to Wests Leagues Club on Wednesday the 18th of February for a show she says will have you stitches.

“You Australians are fun and you’ll get all my jokes. I’m really looking forward to it.”

The show is a combination of song, story telling and of course comedy.

“My husband is producing the show. We sat down and got a vision of what we wanted to tour and selected a list of my favourite songs in consultation with my musical director and the arranger. I’m brining three brand new dresses, my quintet who’ll play some wonderful arrangements and I’ll be telling a few funny stories. Its a tight show and lots fun.”

As an internationally acclaimed entertainer, hit recording artist and an in-demand performer, playing to sold-out audiences worldwide, Deana Martin has become an instantly recognizable voice and figure in the pantheon of The Great American Songbook. Her 2006 debut CD release, Memories Are Made Of This, stayed in the top ten for 40 consecutive weeks.   White Christmas was another chart buster, released in 2011; it has become a seasonal evergreen, hitting the top ten each Christmas since it’s release. Deana Martin’s 2013 critically acclaimed CD, Destination Moon, is currently playing on over 1200 radio stations around the U.S., reinforcing her renowned status as hit recording artist.

A celebrated author, Deana Martin found herself on the New York Times coveted Best Seller list with her 2004 memoir, Memories Are Made of This: Dean Martin Through His Daughters Eyes.  In it, Deana Martin delights in sharing wonderful, never-before-told stories about her father and his Pallies. To her they were known as, Uncle Frank (Sinatra) and Uncle Sammy (Davis, Jr.) – to the world, they were known as the Rat Pack. The book will soon be made into a movie, directed by actor Joe Mantegna, with screenplay written by actor/writer/television host Bonnie Hunt, and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“I was nervous releasing the book” She says.

“But it turned out how I wanted it too. It was hard to write but I had fun with it too.”

WHAT: Deana Martin
WHEN: Wests Leagues Club
WHERE: Wednesday the 18th of February


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