The day I embarrassed myself speaking to Jeswon from Thundamentals about THIS THAT

Hi my name’s Dan and last week I completely embarrassed myself interviewing Jeswon from Thundamentals about the THIS THAT festival that’s happening this Saturday, 4 November at Wickham Park.

It was all pear shaped from the beginning. I rang the number on the interview confirmation sheet and when the guy on the other end answered I said…

“Hi Jewson, thanks for taking time out for an interview with us”.

“It’s actually, Jeswon” Said the voice on the other end of the phone.

“But don’t worry about it, I get it all the time. I’ve heard all sorts of variations. It doesn’t offend me”.

Mortified, I apologise again and scramble for my interview notes which I soon find out are also wrong.

“When you sit down with Trials to work on a beat for a track, what sort of tech do you reach for first” I ask.

“I don’t know, Trials is in the Funkoars I’m in Thundamentals” Jeswon responds.

Fuck. I’ve prepped for an interview with the Funkoars and stuck the contact information for my interview with Jeswon from Thundamentals underneath it. I want to crawl under a rock and vow never to take an interview another musician again.

At this point I’m pretty sure that Jeswon is gonna hang up on me tell everyone in the hip hop community what a dickhead I am. And rightly so. But that’s not what happens.

For the next 15 minutes we talk about remix culture and the future of Australian hip hop, we discuss the different aspects of hip hop culture including dance and graffiti and he tells me that he usually leaves all the beat making and producing for Thundamentals up to Morgs and Poncho. Then we chat about the different technologies now available to producers and what he thinks makes hip hop the genre we know and embrace today.

It’s a great chat, and I will forever thank him for not throwing me under a bus, which I totally deserved.

So, what did a learn after 15 of the worst interview I’ve ever conducted?

1 – Jeswon from Thundamentals is a top bloke and I owe him a beer.

2 – Thundamentals invite you to the party.  You are just as important to their group as they are. Their fans mean everything to them and they love you.

3 – Hip Hop is a broad church. They welcome with open arms and support each other.

I’ll be in the crowd when Thundamentals take to the stage at THIS THAT on Saturday 4 November, but I’ll be up the back wearing dark glasses still dying of shame and embarrassment.

Tickets for the festival are still available.

Written by Dan Beazley

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