Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band Stag & hunter show is not to be missed

Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band are headed to The Stag and Hunter for a show on the 28th of July. 

Dane and the band are currently playing shows and promoting their single ‘Bones’, which you can check out below. The sounds on this single really caught out attention, so we really enjoyed getting to know more about the band via our recent interview with Dane. Here are the 10 questions we asked and Dane’s answers.


1 – The band calls Wollongong home. How do you think The Gong has influenced your band?

I think having a network of people who support live music is a really handy. Regardless of Genre.

2 – What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve overcome as independent touring musos.

Probably having the work/music balance, ideally, we would all be full time and going non-stop but at the moment it’s hard to make make it all flow. At the moment it’s mainly weekend shows to find the balance. There is also a big difference between a full-time muso and somebody who is in a band and doesn’t’ have a job too.

3 – Tell us about the guitar set up you’re using on this tour.

I have a Maton 1962 reissue electric guitar and a Martinez resonator guitar that I use for open tunings, both of these are half a step down from what we usually play on for this tour. I play through my Fender blues deluxe amp with a double Muff distortion pedal also. I try to keep it pretty simple most of the time.

4 – Your new single bones is accompanied by an amazing video. Tell us about making that.

We came up with the idea from the Korn video ‘Right Now’ where its a guy kinda tearing himself apart. We thought that was pretty cool but a bit intense so we basically did something similar to that with the match part at the end of the clip being somewhat ambiguous. We filmed it with a guy called William Jordan, an epic young director from Western Sydney. Him, and the actor Jonathan Devoy absolutely made it what it was… we just played!

5 – When you head into the studio to record, are you going in with a bag of songs or is it more experimental?

Bag of songs most of the time. Often they stray from what we walked in with but its more efficient and cheaper to have some pre-production done beforehand.

6 – What do you look for when you’re collaborating with other people on a recording?

Someone who enjoys our sound, someone who is happy to put the time in to get something perfect and someone who isn’t afraid to have their input and show us their ideas for our track too. Syd Green at Mononest studios was the epitome of this.

7 – Riff or lyrics. Which comes first for you?

Depends, if we have an idea for a theme for a song i’ll write all the lyrics and then put the music to that but we have so many riffs floating around when we jam too that we just need to finish with lyrics. In the case of ‘Bones’ i’m pretty sure the Riff came first.

8 – Tell us about the last time you played in Newcastle.

Last time we played in Newcastle was at the Stag and Hunter Hotel with the Swamp Stompers. We got to hang out with our mates and have a hell of a night out too! We don’t often book accommodation but we thought this one was going to be special so we stayed up the road and had an awesome night. It was the first time we had played Stag an Hunter, it’s an unreal room, an awesome crowd and really really good owners. We just knew we had to come back again!

9 – You do a lot of Kms touring Australia. What’s the band’s favourite road trip song?

Pearl Jam 10 often gets a spin, Kyuss usually too. I often do the night shift driving so when everyone is asleep Tom Waits is sick to drive to as well.

10 – What’s next for the band?

Touring and recording basically! We are still in the midst of releasing singles for the next EP. Soon enough another Single and a few more tours will be coming about followed by our EP. Shortly after that I dare say an album will be in the works I reckon.

Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band are headed to The Stag and Hunter for a show on the 28th of July. 

Written by Newcastle Live

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