Dan brings Homemade Sin to Lizotte’s

At many pub’s, clubs, karaoke nights and parties around Newcastle and the whole world, the memorable Georgia Satellites song “Keep your hands to yourself” has been played, sung and enjoyed by millions of people. That song and the album of the same name reached number #2 on the American charts and was a hit here in the land down under also. The singer and writer of that classic song and many other rock and roll gems is Dan Baird (formerly of the Georgia Satellites).

Dan and his band “Homemade Sin” are performing at Lizottes in Lambton next Wednesday night as part of their world tour and with the calibre of this lineup, which includes former “Georgia Satellites” drummer Mauro Magella/ ex “Bonafide” bassist Micke Nilsson and the incredible guitar player Warner E Hodges ( formerly of the fantastic American band “Jason and the Scorchers” whose hit song “White Lies” is an absolute classic) these guys really shouldn’t be missed. Any true lover of rock and roll will appreciate this night of great music, good food in an intimate and stylish atmosphere. Being a local musician myself I know these guys are respected and admired throughout the Newcastle music community and have earned that respect, I believe, by being authentic and honest in their approach to and delivery of the music they play.

The band’s latest album “Roller Coaster” is a collection of exceptional American Rock and Roll with real groove, edge and some extra tasty “twang”. I thoroughly recommend this band and encourage everyone who follows Newcastle Live and the live music scene in general to show these guys that Newcastle supports and appreciates bands who visit our music loving city. Also just got word that local musician and nice bloke Justin Ngariki will be playing on the night which is another good reason to get there.

Dan Baird and Homemade Sin – Wednesday April 19th at Lizottes.

Seriously great band. Check ‘em out!

Best wishes, keep supporting live music.



INTERVIEW: Warner E Hodges

DAVE: Is this your first trip to Australia?
WARNER: No I’ve been here before 86/87 era with Jason and the Scorchers.

DAVE: Are you familiar with any bands from Australia?
WARNER: My favourite AC/DC of course. I know the obvious one’s..INXS, Midnight Oil, Rose Tattoo, Hoodoo Guru’s.

DAVE: Who are your guitar heroes/influences?
WARNER: My Lord!??…The Young brothers (Mal as much as Angus), Keith and Ronnie, Pagey, Blackmore, Beck (Good luck with that though LOL). Lots of country guys, Albert Lee, Vince Gill, Kenny Greenberg….Billy Gibbons..all the Skynyrd guys (original line up of course).. Hell..Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Both are world class players….Dan Baird.
My all time favourite was Danny Gatton. Deepest pockets I’ve ever witnessed, saw him three times. You never heard the same thing twice, he was astounding. Mick Ralphs, Kossoff, 2 dudes in Nashville, J.D Simo (who is a MONSTER) and Daniel Donato..the list goes on and on..Setzer, a Nashville guy Ronnie Crutcher, Marty Stuart, Jerry Reed….i’ll stop now..My Dad.

DAVE: I started following you (not literally) when I saw something about Jason and the Scorchers on TV some time ago…do you guys play any of that material in Dan Baird and Homemade Sin?
WARNER: We do not do Jason and the Scorchers stuff in Dan Baird & Homemade Sin although 3 guys have played with Jason and the Scorchers. (Matt) Mauro is a substitute drummer for us, as is MIcke (Nilsson) in the bass department. Danny (Baird) has played bass with us and played all the acoustic guitar as well as some electric on our (JATS) last record, Halcyon Times. Danny also co-wrote quite a few songs on that record.

DAVE: You have your own solo career also…Do you play any of that material on this tour?
WARNER: We do perform some of my solo stuff inside Dan Baird and Homemade Sin. Once again Danny was heavily involved in those records,playing bass and electric, as well as being seriously involved in the songwriting. If Danny needs a break or something vocally,we are capable of doing a few different tunes.

DAVE: Have you got a favourite guitar you own?
WARNER: Nah. I kinda look at them as tools. Nothing more than that. I’m not really a ‘mystic’ or mojo guy. You can play or you can’ really ain’t any deeper than that.

DAVE: How has this tour been going so far?
WARNER: Only 2 dates in. The first was pretty good, some jet lag still on a couple of people in the band, but last night (at the Cherry Bar in Melbourne) was spectacular.

DAVE: You have a rich history in the rock and roll game…What bands have you played or toured with over the years that you admire?
WARNER: R.E.M, The Fabulous Thunderbirds when Jimmie (Vaughn) was still in the band. Stevie Ray (Vaughn), damn shame for his,our loss…MONSTER player..Hell I left the Vaughn brothers off my “guitar player list also Brendan O’Brien, Peter Stroud, Kevin Kinney, Jimi Hendrix.

Written by Dave Forbes