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CANINE-FRIENDLY YOGHURT: A Daily Dollop for your doggo

Your local vet would usually tell you to keep the human treats away from your dogs. But now you can give them a Daily Dollop of yoghurt that has been specifically designed for your furry friend.

The producer of the dog-friendlyyoghurt, Chobani, says that the product is the perfect way to increase the amount of protein and calcium in your pet’s diet.

“At Chobani, we always strive for our products to be delicious, nutritious, natural, and accessible and we’re so excited to now extend our range to include dogs!” said Olivia Dickinson, the General Manager at Chobani Australia.

It’s made of skim milk, lactase and live yoghurt cultures which are said to help keep rover’s bones and teeth in good condition.

You can find theChobani Daily Dollopyoghurt in the chilled pet food section at Woolworths supermarkets.