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CSI NEWCASTLE: A new outdoor adventure game is coming to town

CluedUpp Games are bringing their new ‘Who Done It’ outdoor adventure game to Newcastle.

The Crimescene Investigator game is being run by the same game studio that was behind the highly successful 2020 Witchcraft & Wizardry event.

It’s kind of like murder mystery meets dress ups with prizes for things like the fastest team, best CSI inspired fancy dress, best team picture and a special prize for the pawesomest pooch or best dog investigator photo.

Team registrations are now open for the 2022 event and you only need to purchase one ticket per team, rather than per player.

Teams can be made up of a minimum of two people and max out at six people. Children under 16 are welcome to take part and don’t worry if you haven’t got your full team together yet, you do not need to submit the full details of your team until the day of the event.

CluedUpp says players will be using forensic techniques, codebreaking, and good old-fashioned detective work to crack the case in an event that they say will turn Newcastle into a city playground for players.

The Crimescene Investigator game hits Newcastle on Saturday 4 June 2022. Team registration is now open. Tickets are limited and can be purchased by visiting